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Stay on Message

State your key message from the outset.
Example: “I want to begin by first saying that the risk to the public is very low.”
Return to your key message(s) frequently.
Example: “As I said a moment before, the risk is very low.”
“Bridge” back to your key messages.
When the conversation strays, use transitions to return to key points. For example, if a reporter asks a question that is not related to your key points, answer the question, then bridge back to what you want to say.
  • “Another thing to remember is…”
  • “What all this information tells me is…”
  • “Let me just add to this that…”
  • [response to question]. And in addition…”
  • “Before we continue, let me take a step back and repeat that…”
  • “And as I said before…”
A public health worker begin interviewed by a reporter