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Effective Body Language

Make eye contact
Poor eye contact can give the impression of dishonesty, lack of concern, or nervousness.
Sit forward in a chair
Sitting back in your chair can make you look uninterested or unconcerned.
Avoid crossing your arms
It can convey a feeling of defiance, defensiveness, or lack of interest.
Avoid distractions
Avoid repetitive gestures such as constant throat-clearing, checking your watch, jingling keys or change, and pacing. Take a breath and relax.
Practice being in front of a camera
(if possible) so that you can assess your body language.

Take your best guess:

Body language accounts for how much of what people remember of an interview??

The correct answer is D.

Body language can account for 75% of what people remember about an interview. Therefore, in an on-camera interview, press conference, or public meeting, your nonverbal communication may have more influence than the content of your message. Audience members may scrutinize body language and assign negative interpretations to gestures or expressions that may actually be quite innocent and unconscious on the part of the communicator.