June 24, 2020

Mentoring Matters helps public health organizations develop their next generation of leaders.

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Photograph of two people speaking over a table.
June 10, 2020

The next session of Hot Topics in Practice explores the root causes of COVID-19 health inequities. 

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Photograph of an anti-racism protest.

Photo by Joan Villalon

June 8, 2020

Public Health Management Certificate scholar, Jo Anne Ferritto, discusses completing the program during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Photo montage showing Jo Anne Ferritto: one at her desk and one with her cohort of PHMC scholars.

Public Health Management Certificate scholar Jo Anne Ferritto

May 20, 2020

NWCPHP launches a new, 90-minute contact tracing training for public health professionals.

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Photo montags showing a public health worker on a phone conversing with a member of the public.
May 12, 2020

NWCPHP Director Betty Bekemeier and colleagues with the Public Health Learning Network published an article that recommends needed changes to workforce development.

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Photo montage showing the cover of the journal Pedagogy in Health Promotion alongside a photo of Betty Bekemeier.
May 5, 2020

The next session of Hot Topics in Practice explores how mentoring is an important tool for developing leaders and building more equitable public health organizations.

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Mentee and mentor smiling
April 29, 2020

NWCPHP's Public Health Management Certificate scholars receive one-on-one coaching to complete an organizational project.

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Photograph of Tom Eversole speaking to a group.

Public Health Management Certificate Coach Tom Eversole

April 15, 2020

The new Guide to Older Adult-Centered Design helps health organizations support older adults, as well as their family members, friends, and providers.

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Image showing a print copy of the Guide to Older Adult-Centered Design
April 10, 2020

The next session of Hot Topics in Practice reviews a unique community partnership for addressing the COVID-19 response.

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March 12, 2020

The Seattle Times featured an op-ed by NWCPHP Director supporting increased public health funding in the wake of the emerging COVID-19 outbreak.

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Photograph of Betty Bekemeier.

NWCPHP Director Betty Bekemeier (Photo: Stephen Brashear)