In this one-hour webinar, which is part of the Hot Topics series, two attorneys explore the legal and ethical issues related to public health data use.

Learning Objectives

  • List two ways the law can be an effective tool to support public health data sharing.
  • Consider how ethics are used to identify and resolve dilemmas about what should be done in morally complicated situations.
  • Compare and contrast frameworks for bioethics and public health ethics.
  • Review which ethical framework is more appropriate for public health data sharing.

Intended Audiences

Local, state, and tribal public health professionals; policymakers and public health attorneys; organizations that use data to promote health outcomes


Rachel Hulkower, JD, MSPH, Public Health Analyst, Cherokee Nation Assurance, CDC Public Health Law Program

Cason Schmit, JD, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University School of Public Health

Discussion Questions

  1. What frameworks should we use to evaluate ethical data use for public health practice?
  2. How do we balance individual interests (e.g., privacy) with common good interests of using data to promote population health?

Slides and Resources

Close up view of green camera lens reflecting a crowd and computer code
Air Date: 
Thursday, February 27, 2020, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm PST
Law and Policy & Ethics
1 hour
Hot Topics in Practice
Competency Domains: 
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills