July 9, 2024
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Leadership Institute cohort

Developed by the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice and the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association, the Leadership Institute brings together emerging leaders in public health and primary care to develop more equitable and effective approaches to population health. This program, which centers health equity as a shared goal of both sectors, provides a unique opportunity for scholars to expand their skillset and leadership development as they work with peers on new models of care to drive sustainable improvement in the health of individuals, communities, and populations.

The Leadership Institute creates cross-sector communities of practice and uses a variety of learning methods to build competencies in the following areas:

  • Population Health and Health Equity
  • Systems Thinking
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Healthcare Transformation and System Integration

The program runs March–September 2024. It includes two planned in-person gatherings (March 12–14 and September 17–19) in Seattle and five virtual monthly sessions on the third Wednesday of April through August. Remote learning and coaching activities occur in between the group sessions, including individual and group assignments, panels, lectures, discussions, and work on real-world case studies. The curriculum is taught by leading practice-based faculty and guest public health and primary care professionals from around the region.

Who should apply?

We seek to enroll a diverse group of emerging leaders from a variety of public health and primary care fields. Our participants represent a range of organizations, including state and local health departments, community health centers, tribal health departments, community-based organizations, hospitals, Washington’s Accountable Communities of Health and Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organizations, behavioral health organizations, and the Washington State Health Care Authority. People of color and other underrepresented groups and professionals working in rural areas or with medically underserved populations are strongly encouraged to apply.

“I cannot recall the last time I was this engaged and excited in a training. I didn’t fully understand what I was signing up for, but I am 100% delighted with my choice. This will forever change the course of my career!”

Apply today! 

Applications will be accepted through September 30, 2024, with early-bird discounts offered to those who apply by August 31. The cost is $4,070 ($3,800 by the early-bird deadline). Limited scholarship funds may be available; see the application materials for more information.

These rapidly changing times make collaboration between public health and primary care more crucial—and effective—than ever before. With the growth of state-level accountable care entities, a shift to value-based payments, and our shared origins in equity and justice movements, primary care and public health leaders can strengthen population health together better than they can apart.

Join the Leadership Institute and learn how. For questions about the program, contact Nikki Dettmar at the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice or registration@nwrpca.org at the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association.

Application Process

All applications and payments are managed through the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association. Applications are accepted through September 30, 2024; the early-bird deadline is August 31, 2024.

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Presented in collaboration by:

Northwest Regional Primary Care Association and Northwest Center for Public Health Practice