November 15, 2023
Top view graphic of four staff around a table with an idea lightbulb in the middle.

Measuring Change for Anti-Racist Programs (MCAP)

In recent years, public health teams across the country have begun to acknowledge the systemic impacts of racism as a public health crisis. At the same time, many teams are struggling to take meaningful action that can address the roots of racism within their own organizations.

The Northwest Center for Public Health Practice’s new online guidebook, Measuring Change for Anti-Racist Programs (MCAP), aims to address this problem by helping teams of all sizes focus their efforts. The guide presents examples of how to make change at the program level so that concrete, achievable goals leading to antiracist practices become possible. With illustrated stories, hands-on activities, and downloadable tools, MCAP can help guide team members and their organizations toward more equitable programs.

“This tool isn't just about the benefits of pursuing racial equity in theory and principle. For our team, it's about real-life experience and application,” said Kevin deVoss, the Lead Instructional Designer who helped develop the guidebook. “Last year, our team performed a racial-equity audit on one of our programs. The stories and tools that we are sharing came from that experience,” deVoss said.

“It taught us about the value of continuous improvement and making our goals sustainable. Our big takeaway to share is that, despite the long journey, taking steps to dismantle racism is possible. And we think this guide can help get people started on that track.”

Guide: Measuring Change for Antiracist Programs

Learn more about the guidebook here and check out the short video below.

Special thanks to Lauren Powell at the Equitist and Sabrina Selk and Serena McCovery at the National Network of Public Health Institutes for their guidance in making this tool possible.