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Kate Davies, MA, DPhil

Bio and contact information for Kate Davies, MA, DPhil, NWCPHP Instructor and Content Expert.

Kate DaviesInstructor & Content Expert



Kate Davies works with NWCPHP as an instructor for a number of our training programs, including the Leadership Institute and Public Health Management Certificate.

Kate is Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Health Services at the University of Washington and core faculty in the Graduate Programs in Leadership and Change at Antioch University Seattle. She has a doctorate in biochemistry from Oxford University (1981) and an MA in cultural anthropology and social change from the California Institute for Integral Studies (2002).

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership and organizational change
  • Environmental quality, public health, and sustainability

Kate has worked on environmental quality, public health and sustainability for all of her career. In the 1980s, she set up and managed the City of Toronto’s Environmental Protection Office—the first local government environmental office in Canada—and in the 1990s she established and directed a successful environmental policy consulting company which provided services to the Canadian federal government and international agencies.

In 2002, Kate accepted a faculty position at Antioch University Seattle in the graduate program in Environment & Community. In 2007, she became director of its Center for Creative Change and served in this role until 2010. She has also served on the boards or advisory groups of several environmental organizations, including the Collaborative for Health and Environment Washington, the Institute for Children’s Environmental Health, Sustainable Path Foundation, Washington Citizens for Resource Conservation and Washington Toxics Coalition.

Kate has received service and academic awards for her work and has taught at universities in Canada and the UK, as well as the US. She speaks regularly at local, regional and national conferences and is widely published in newspapers, magazines and journals. Her first book, The Rise of the US Environmental Health Movement, was published in March 2013.