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    NWCPHP Begins New Project to Help Rural Public Health Leaders Use Data, Promote Equity

    NWCPHP is embarking on a five-year project to assist rural public health leaders in better using data to promote health equity in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.

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  • PERRCoLate

    NWCPHP Research Aims to Make a Difference in Emergency Preparedness

    NWCPHP’s PERRCoLATE research project investigates implementation “realities” to improve public health preparedness systems.

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  • Research Tools and Resources

    Research Tools You Can Use

    Need tips on grant writing or how to get published in a journal?

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  • 2013 Partner Symposium

    You Make Our Work Possible

    Research collaborations with community and public health organizations give value to our work.

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Our researchers work in interdisciplinary teams to produce evidence that has direct applications to public health practice. In close partnerships with public health agencies and community-based organizations, we investigate practice-relevant questions and translate findings into practical tools that address today’s front-line challenges.

We welcome new partnerships and input from all who work to protect and promote the public’s health. Learn more about our projects or opportunities for collaboration.