In this one-hour webinar, which is part of the Hot Topics series, Jennifer Baker, Adolescent Health Project Coordinator for the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, shares tested strategies for getting and keeping youth engaged in prevention efforts.

Learning Objectives

  • List two ways the Alaska Adolescent Health Project encourages youth to participate in health promotion campaigns.
  • Describe how local and national data can be used in support of positive youth development and inclusion in community health projects.
  • Identify two resources for assessing organizational readiness to better include youth in prevention efforts.

Intended Audiences

Local, state, and tribal public health professionals; youth advocates, parents, guardians and supportive adults; youth interested in prevention efforts


Jennifer Baker, Adolescent Health Project Coordinator, Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health

Discussion Questions

  1. In what ways could young people have their voices and choices recognized in the projects and interventions that target them at your organization?
  2. How does adult perception impact the way youth are viewed in your community or organization?
  3. What is your organization doing to foster better youth engagement in your programs? If no work is being done in this area, what are some initial first steps you could take?


Photograph of several teens clasping hands in the center of a circle.
Air Date: 
Tuesday, February 20, 2018, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm PST
Program Planning & Evaluation
1 hour
Hot Topics in Practice
Competency Domains: 
Analytical/Assessment Skills
Communication Skills
Community Dimensions of Practice Skills
Cultural Competency Skills
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills