Screening is a critical tool that can save lives, improve health outcomes, and can even help public health practitioners make tough decisions about how to allocate limited resources. In this one-hour online course, you will learn what screening is, how to select an appropriate screening test and administer it, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of your screening program for your patients. This is part of a nine-part series on epidemiology.

Learning Objectives

  • Define screening and describe its role in public health work
  • Determine diseases for which it is appropriate to screen
  • Determine which tests are appropriate to use
  • Describe important factors in the design and evaluation of screening programs
  • Help clients interpret results of screening tests

Intended Audience

Public health professionals who want to increase their familiarity with screening and little or no formal training in epidemiology.

Epidemiology Series

What Is Epidemiology in Public Health?

Data Interpretation for Public Health Professionals

Basic Infectious Disease Concepts in Epidemiology

Introduction to Public Health Surveillance

Introduction to Outbreak Investigation

Study Types in Epidemiology

Measuring Risk in Epidemiology

Cause and Effect in Epidemiology

Screening in Public Health Practice


Web-based, Flash presentation. This online course has an audio narration and interactive exercises and scenarios. This course should take about one hour to complete.

Course Instructor

Victoria Holt, PhD, MPH, RN
Northwest Center for Public Health Practice
University of Washington School of Public Health

Technical Requirements

This course requires certain software and browser plugins to be installed. See our Technical Requirements for details.


This online training course is audio narrated. A print version is available in the Supplemental Material section at the bottom of this page. Please note that the print version does not include interactive exercises, quizzes, or the final assessment. To receive a print version of the quizzes in this course, or if you have difficulties, please contact

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February 11, 2009
Infectious Disease & Immunizations
Program Planning & Evaluation
Self-Paced Course
1 hour
Competency Domains: 
Analytical/Assessment Skills
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills
Public Health Sciences Skills