This one-hour webinar, which is part of the Hot Topics series, explores how public health professionals can take a lead in preventing opioid misuse. This presentation is part two of a two-part series exploring systems thinking and public health. Watch part one.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore how to apply systems thinking methods to analyze the opioid crisis.
  • Describe public health’s role in addressing substance misuse and addiction at the community versus the client or clinical level.
  • Review how to apply a comprehensive, cross-sector approach to the opioid crisis at the local and state levels.

Intended Audiences

Local, state, and tribal public health professionals; leaders developing or implementing substance misuse and prevention plans


Michael Fraser, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Discussion Questions

  1. What elements of a comprehensive response to the opioid crisis has your agency adopted? Where do you see increased opportunities in the future?
  2. What barriers do you experience in your agency when taking a systems-thinking approach to the opioid crisis? How can you overcome them?
  3. What success has your agency had in addressing adverse childhood experiences? How is your agency leading or supporting efforts to prevent them in your jurisdiction?
Photograph of pills on a sheet of paper which is marked in a diagram.
Air Date: 
Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm PST
Behavioral & Mental Health
1 hour
Hot Topics in Practice
Competency Domains: 
Analytical/Assessment Skills
Communication Skills
Community Dimensions of Practice Skills
Financial Planning and Management Skills
Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills