NWCPHP has created a toolkit that outlines the principles of effective evaluation for presentations and trainings. This toolkit was developed with input from the Network for Public Health Law, and is designed to provide a simple framework to help those with beginning to intermediate level evaluation skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the benefits of conducting an evaluation of your presentation or training
  • List the primary considerations when planning an evaluation
  • Construct an evaluation tool for your presentation or training

Intended Audience

Public health lawyers; any professional who would like to evaluate their presentations and trainings


In the spring of 2012, NWCPHP conducted key informant interviews with individuals within the Network for Public Health Law and used the insight gained to build the following practical tools and services for public health professionals and their attorneys:

  • Consultation and coaching for public health law and policy trainers.
  • Online public health law training database.
  • Three online training modules on priority public health law and policy topics.
  • Toolkits and guidelines for developing and delivering public health law trainings.
June 30, 2014
Program Planning & Evaluation
Tools and Resources
Toolkits and Guides
1.5 hours