February 22, 2024
Image of Lucinda Cowboy with purple background

Former PHMC scholar, Lucinda Cowboy

As the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice prepares for this year’s Public Health Management Certificate, we sat down with former scholar Lucinda Cowboy to discuss the program’s impact on her career.

“I’d been working for several years as a program coordinator with the Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board,” Lucinda explained. “Over time, I found myself increasingly focused on finding new and creative ways to engage and recruit tribal communities to participate in our programs.”

“I’ve always wanted to continue learning, and I like to seek out opportunities to learn in different ways,” Lucinda said. She was fortunate to hear about the program from a counterpart. “I had a really unique experience in that two counterparts from the tribal epidemiology center joined the program the same time I did.”

“Going into the program, I was a little nervous about working a full-time job and doing all of the homework,” Lucinda noted. “But the instructors were very flexible and supportive, I got great feedback from my coaches and my peers, and there were so many amazing resources made available to me throughout the program.”

When asked about the program’s impacts, Lucinda pointed to the many positive interactions she had with her peers. “Getting feedback and critiques from others in the field was very useful. That helped me expand my thinking and see things in a different light.”

Lucinda also noted the impact of a training presented by Guila Muir and Associates. “Guila did a group facilitation training with our cohort. I enjoyed her presentation so much that I talked with people at my work, and we subsequently partnered with Guila to provide online training to our tribal partners. That was a really great connection I was able to make.”

Lucinda believes the program has made her a more confident and assertive person. “Prior to earning this Certificate, I could be a very passive person at work. Developing these managerial skills helped me take a more proactive position in the workplace. I feel empowered to focus on the things I want to see changed, and more capable of standing my ground on things that are important to me.”

“If you’re someone who’s looking to build yourself and grow professionally, this program is an outstanding opportunity,” Lucinda said. “There are great instructors, you get to meet and interact with peers from across the public health world, and you work on a final project that’s truly relevant to you and your work.”

“This program is a lot of work,” Lucinda cautioned. “But if you stick with it, you’ll see yourself growing in ways you didn’t expect. I would tell someone who’s thinking about this next step to just push themselves and give it a try.”

Applications for the 2024–25 Public Health Management Certificate program are being accepted through May 31, 2024. Learn more and apply today.