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Northwest Public Health–Primary Care Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute (Northwest Public Health–Primary Care Leadership Institute) is an in-person and distance-based program designed to build collaborative leadership skills for public health leaders.

2018 NWPHLI Overview

This program is designed to build collaborative leadership
skills for professionals committed to improving health equity.

Today’s leaders have a responsibility to grow tomorrow’s leaders. Sending our high performing employees who show potential for leadership positions to the NWPHLI is a way for us to act on that responsibility. It also helps us retain those valuable employees in our agency. That’s a win-win nobody should pass up.”

—John Wiesman, DrPH, MPH Secretary of Health
Washington State

Applications for the 2019–2020 Leadership Institute are not yet open. Please check back in July 2019.

Since 2003, the Northwest Public Health Leadership Institute, now called the Northwest Public Health–Primary Care Leadership Institute, has helped experienced public health professionals become the next generation of leaders.

Changing times make collaboration between public health and primary care more crucial—and useful—than ever. With the growth of collaborative state-level accountable care entities, a shift to value-based pay, and a focus on our roots in equity and justice movements, we know primary care, public health, and communities can strengthen population health together better than we can apart.

The Northwest Center for Public Health Practice (NWCPHP) at the University of Washington and the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association (NWRPCA) are exploring the development of a collaborative leadership training institute to launch in fall 2019, for Pacific Northwest emerging leaders in primary care and public health. Highlighting population health, the life-course perspective, prevention, and health equity, the institute aims to apply in-person, hands-on, and distance-based methods for individual and collaborative learning.

We welcome mid-career emerging leaders from all public health fields to apply, particularly emerging leaders in public health and primary care working with underserved populations, and those working to improve population health across the life course. Audiences may include state and local health departments, community health centers, tribal health departments, community-based organizations, community clinics, maternal and child health professionals, and hospitals. 

Our curriculum, taught by practice-based faculty and guest public health leaders from around the region, uses a variety of methods, including problem-based learning, to build leadership competencies and discuss pressing issues public health leaders face.

Leadership Institute scholars from diverse backgrounds meet in three on-site sessions during the institute. Distance-based methods continue the learning between the on-site sessions.

Beginning in fall 2019, the Leadership Institute will include a focus on the intersections of public health and primary care to advance health across the life course, including emerging leaders from both fields.

For questions about the program, or to be notified when the application process opens, contact until July 8th,  starting July 8th.


Leadership Institute Quick Facts

Focus: Intersection of primary care and public health, with a focus on health equity

When: 2019–2020 dates TBD. We are considering a timeline from late fall 2019 through June 2020.

Format: Distance-based and in-person learning.

Application Deadlines: Applications are not yet open. Check back in July 2019.

Cost: Check back soon for cost and application details