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Northwest Public Health–Primary Care Leadership Institute

The Northwest Public Health–Primary Care Leadership Institute is an in-person and distance-based program designed to build skills for public health leaders.

2018 NWPHLI Overview

This Northwest Public Health–Primary Care Leadership Institute is designed to build adaptive leadership skills for professionals committed to improving health equity.

Today’s leaders have a responsibility to grow tomorrow’s leaders. Sending our high performing employees who show potential for leadership positions to the Leadership Institute is a way for us to act on that responsibility. It also helps us retain those valuable employees in our agency. That’s a win-win nobody should pass up.”

—John Wiesman, DrPH, MPH Secretary of Health
Washington State

The Northwest Public Health–Primary Care Leadership Institute is a newly developed offering from the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice (NWCPHP) and the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association (NWRPCA).

It is designed to help public health and primary care professionals build cross-sector collaborations and become the next generation of leaders in their fields.

The curriculum, taught by practice-based faculty and guest speakers from around the region, uses a variety of methods, including problem-based learning, to build leadership competencies for addressing today's most challenging public health issues.

The program begins with the first of three on-site sessions in Seattle, with distance-based learning and coaching activities taking place between the in-person sessions.

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Leadership Institute Quick Facts

Focus: Intersection of primary care and public health with a focus on health equity

When: January-September 2020. Three Seattle on-site sessions take place January 22-24, June 3-5, and September 16-18, 2020.

Format: Distance-based and in-person learning, small groups

Who Should Apply?: Mid-career professionals from public health and community-based primary care settings. People of color and other underrepresented groups and professionals working in rural areas or with medically underserved populations are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Application Deadlines: Applications accepted through November 28, 2019. The early-bird deadline is October 18. Apply through the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association.

Cost: $3,000 ($2,700 by the early-bird deadline) Limited scholarship funds are available.