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Northwest Public Health Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute (Northwest Public Health Leadership Institute) is a nine-month program designed to build collaborative leadership skills for public health leaders.

Leadership Institute 2015

The Northwest Public Health Leadership Institute is a nine-month program designed to build collaborative leadership skills for the next generation of leaders.

The Leadership Institute uses a problem-based learning curriculum and is guided by practice-based faculty. Leadership Institute scholars from diverse backgrounds come together in three on-site sessions throughout the year. In between these sessions, learning continues through distance-based learning methods.

The 2015 program is open to all experienced professionals (ideally 5+ years) who are working to improve the public’s health and who wish to build leadership competencies. Maternal and Child Health (MCH) professionals working with underserved populations or in underserved regions and healthcare providers working in MCH-related fields are encouraged to attend.

Contact Deborah Gardner for additional questions about the program.

Leadership Institute Quick Facts

When: April 2015 to December 2015

Length: 9 months

Format: Distance-based and in-person learning; three Seattle on-sites (May 6–8, August 3–5, and November 18–20)

Theme: Life Course and Public Health

Registration Deadline: Due to technical difficulties with our application form, registration has been extended to March 30, 2015. Apply now

Cost: Early bird special is $2,700 per person; regular cost is $3,000 per person; stipends are available for Maternal and Child Health leaders and staff.