During this one-hour webinar, which is part of the Hot Topics series, Michelle Campbell, the Director of the Center for Data Modernization and Informatics at the Washington State Department of Health, and Janet Baseman, the Interim Chair of the University of Washington’s Department of Epidemiology and a member of the NWCPHP’s Research Team, will summarize findings from a joint effort to advance data modernization for public health in Washington. Their discussion will focus on the accomplishments and goals that have emerged from their partnership, with an eye toward improving partner involvement and driving ongoing initiatives.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the importance of data modernization for state and local public health stakeholders.
  • Describe how gap analyses can inform data modernization efforts.
  • Understand how workforce training is an important component of data modernization initiatives.
  • Describe the value of leveraging state and academic partnerships to advance data modernization.

Intended Audiences

Local, state, and tribal public health practitioners


Michelle Campbell, MSHI
Director, Center for Data Modernization and Informatics at WA DOH

Janet Baseman, MPH, PhD
Principal Investigator of the Washington Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence

Discussion Questions

  • What current challenges does your organization face in relation to changing public health data systems?
  • What partnerships are currently in place in your organization to strengthen data modernization for public health?
  • What training has your organization leveraged to prepare staff for data modernization efforts? What additional training is needed?


Continuing Education Credits

Up to 1 CPH recertification credit may be earned by viewing this webinar. Visit the National Board of Public Health Examiners to learn more.

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Air Date: 
Tuesday, October 31, 2023, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm PDT
Leadership & Management
Program Planning & Evaluation
1 hour
Hot Topics in Practice
Competency Domains: 
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills