October 12, 2023
Photo of 2023 PHMC Cohort on-site with graphic background

The 2023 PHMC Cohort on-site in Seattle

The Public Health Management Certificate (PHMC), offered by The Northwest Center for Public Health Practice, is a year-long program that provides public health professionals with core management skills. This year’s cohort of PHMC scholars kicked off the program in August with an on-site meeting in Seattle.

“We have 29 scholars participating in this year’s cohort,” noted Christine Ector, the PHMC’s program manager. “This is the biggest cohort we’ve ever had, and the on-site was a very exciting opportunity to see folks from across the Northwest connect and begin developing collaborations with one another.”

Scholars not only got to know their peers, but they also began working with the coaches who will provide them with mentorship and guidance throughout the program’s duration. “We received a lot of feedback from scholars who relished the chance to meet their peers and begin working with their coaches and outlining their projects,” Christine added.

“We also added a positionality workshop led by Kendra Liljenquist this year. That workshop emphasized our core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. It was very well received and seemed to set the tone for the year ahead.”

Kathleeen Rees, an Epidemiology Supervisor with the Washington County Health and Human Services, is one of the scholars in this year’s cohort. She noted that the on-site experience was “the perfect opportunity to completely focus on the program and set the stage for the work ahead. Being able to meet current scholars, faculty, and staff in person allowed us to connect on a more personal level, away from the distractions of multi-tasking and daily work, and to ground ourselves in the material and objectives of the program.”

“That week in Seattle was precious,” Kathleen added. “It provided crucial direction for the development of the goals that will guide our work over the course of the next year. It was a welcomed haven of creativity, learning, and collaboration, which has been rare since COVID struck.”

Scholars will continue to work with their peers and coaches throughout the coming year as they develop core management competencies in planning, organizing, budgeting, and performance analysis. These skills will be applied in a hands-on manner, and each scholar will complete a project that has relevance for them personally and professionally.

Visit the Public Health Management Certificate page to learn more about this and related programs offered by Northwest Center Public Health Practice.