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Current Projects

NWCPHP researchers are currently working on the following research projects to inform public health practice.

Emergency Communication and Medical Interpreters
Researchers conduct a collaborative learning project to identify how medical interpreters can help large health departments better connect with and engage limited English proficient (LEP) Latinos on emergency and disaster communication issues.

STAT 911: Simulation Training to Assist Triage of 911 Call
Researchers investigate whether simulation training improves how quickly and accurately call receivers at 911 call centers identify cardiac arrest and initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) over the phone.

Provider-Based Reporting via Health Information Exchanges
Researchers assess how a system innovation within a health information exchange affects condition reporting to public health departments.

Health Information Exchange Evaluation in Washington State
Researchers seek to identify structural and process elements that help or hinder use of the Washington State Health Information Exchange.

TransPHorm: Machine Translation for Public Health Information
Researchers study how to use machine translation technology to produce efficient and accurate public health material for limited English speakers.

An Exploration of Bi-Directional SMS Use by Public Health
Researchers evaluate the use of two-way, text message (SMS) communications to improve public health emergency preparedness and response.

Improving Population Health Through Enhanced Targeted Regional Decision Support
Researchers identify, analyze, and describe individual, organizational, and data quality factors that affect the successful use of technology meant to improve notifiable condition reporting.