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TransPHorm: Translation of Public Health Information for a Diverse Public
NWCPHP researchers are studying how to use machine translation technology to produce efficient and accurate public health material for limited English speakers as part of the TransPHorm project.
Improving Population Health Through Enhanced Targeted Regional Decision Support
This NWCPHP research study aims to identify, analyze and describe individual, organizational and data quality factors that affect the successful use of technology meant to improve notifiable condition reporting.
STAT 911: Simulation Training to Assist Triage of 911 Calls
NWCPHP-affiliated researchers investigate whether simulation training improves how quickly and accurately call receivers at 911 call centers identify cardiac arrest and initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) over the phone.
SOARING: Studying Older Adults and Researching their Information Needs and Goals
Researchers are studying how older adults use personal health information management systems. Findings from this study will advance understanding of the health management needs and practices of older adults.
Leveraging Technology to Strengthen Public Health Emergency Communication Systems
NWCPHP researchers build on recently completed research about how public health professionals can use bi-directional text messaging to communicate with stakeholders.
From Multi-tasking to Hyper-tasking: Investigating the Impact of Next Generation 911
Researchers are investigating the impact of Next Generation 911 on telecommunicator stress, and developing a 911 call center workforce stress reduction program.
Public Health Activities & Services Tracking (PHAST) Measures
Through the standardization and sharing of local public health data, PHAST Measures will build evidence to support the decision making of policy-makers, practitioners, and researchers.
PERRCoLATE Project: Translation, Application, and Evaluation of Public Health Emergency Communication Products
PERRCoLATE Project researchers are focusing on the translation, application, and evaluation of research products and trainings to improve public health preparedness and response practices, policies, and programs.
SHARE-NW: Solutions in Health Analytics for Rural Equity across the Northwest
A multi-disciplinary team at NWCPHP working with practice partners in three states will embark on SHARE-NW. SHARE-NW is a five-year project to identify, gather, and visualize data with public health leaders to more effectively address rural health disparities and achieve health equity in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.