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Completed Projects

See the archive of NWCPHP public health practice-based research projects.

911 Call Center Intervention to Improve Identification of Cardiac Arrest
Researchers look for evidence that can guide dispatchers in identifying cardiac arrest victims in the most efficient way possible.

Washington Tracking Network Data Presentation and Mapping Application
Researchers helped the Washington State Department of Health make public health data accessible to the general public through a redesigned web portal.

Bystander CPR in Limited English Populations
Researchers used findings to modify 911-assisted instructions and develop culturally appropriate CPR training strategies for limited English proficiency populations.

Baring the Chest and CPR Effectiveness
NWCPHP research findings suggest that eliminating the instruction to remove a victim's clothing in dispatcher-assisted CPR will save time without compromising performance.

Text Messaging for Public Health Emergencies
Researchers identified the logistical, legal, fiscal, and technical implications of setting up a text messaging system at a local public health department.

Limited English Proficiency 911
Research findings created communication guidance for agencies that use phone-based emergency response systems that serve limited English proficiency (LEP) populations.

Reaching Health Care Providers With Emergency Information
Researchers compared the effectiveness of fax, e-mail, and text messages for communicating public health alerts to different types of health care providers.

Predicting Severity of Motor Vehicle Crashes
Researchers developed algorithms to predict how many motor vehicle crash occupants are uninjured or have minor injuries to inform dispatch of emergency responders.

Continuity of Operations During Disasters
Researchers conducted a pilot study with Public Health - Seattle & King County to see how best to ensure communication that supports essential services.

Automated Language Translation of Public Health Information
Researchers investigated how translation software can be used to increase the availability of emergency information in multiple languages.

Influenza Vaccine Safety Reporting
Researchers studied systems used to monitor, report, and respond to potential problems associated with flu vaccines.

Media Campaign to Improve Bystander CPR Skills of Chinese Speakers
Researchers tested the effectiveness of using Chinese newspapers to disseminate emergency response skills within the Chinese limited English proficient community.

SMS Message Content for Emergency Communication
Researchers investigated how text messaging can be used by public health agencies to communicate with health care providers.

Health Impacts of Climate Change
A broad research partnership studied how climate change will affect health in their communities, gathering historical, community-specific data.

Public Health Systems Research: Disease Reporting, Investigation, and Response
Researchers identified characteristics of state health departments associated with performance in communicable disease detection, investigation, and response.