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NWCPHP Welcomes Siri Anderson

In March, Siri Anderson joined NWCPHP's growing Communications team as a full-time staff person.

In March, Siri Anderson joined NWCPHP's growing Communications team as a full-time staff person.

March 15, 2012

When she graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in English 10 years ago, Siri Anderson never thought her career path would eventually lead her back to the University for employment.

This month, she joined NWCPHP as a member of the communications team. She brings with her a cadre of skills acquired over the last five years while working on a variety of editorial, marketing, and public relations teams at many different types of organizations. Her experiences range from startups to large local tech corporations, and her most recent work was at a nonprofit health services provider.

Immediately out of college, this path wasn’t so clear—Anderson originally planned for a career in teaching. But before pursuing her Masters degree, she had the opportunity to teach at a bilingual school in Milan, Italy. Enjoyable and rewarding as it was, time in the classroom made her realize that her true passion was more rooted in improving access to and communication about important information. And with that, Anderson set off on her career in strategic communications and hasn’t looked back.

Anderson offers a unique balance of both design and writing skills. In addition to her Bachelor’s in English, she also earned a certificate in graphic design from the Seattle Central Creative Academy. The courses there fleshed out her strong foundation in writing with new media knowledge and visual communications skills that have helped expand her capacity to communicate effectively.

So, why public health?

“When I was studying graphic design, many of my fellow students would say how they hoped to design posters or video games someday,” says Anderson. “My dream was to create good public health brochures.”

While fortunately that won’t be the extent of Anderson’s responsibilities at NWCPHP, the sentiment remains true—Anderson thrives on communicating information essential to people living happy and healthy lives. For that reason, she is thrilled to fulfill that dream and support her passion for effective communications with NWCPHP in the field of public health.


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