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Two New Toolkits Now Available

NWCPHP has developed two new toolkits: "Effective Adult Learning" and "Effective Presentations," now available for download at no cost.

NWCPHP has developed two new toolkits: "Effective Adult Learning" and "Effective Presentations," now available for download at no cost.

October 11, 2012

How do you best reach adult learners when you’re teaching a class, delivering a workshop, or offering a training? How do you give a presentation that resonates with your audience? NWCPHP has developed two new toolkits to help answer those questions. The toolkits "Effective Adult Learning" and "Effective Presentations" are now available for download at no cost.

Both of these toolkits were developed in partnership with The Network for Public Health Law and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to support the development of trainings in public health law. Although examples in the toolkits relate to public health law, they are designed to be useful for all types of public health trainings and presentations.

Effective Adult Learning: A Toolkit for Teaching Adults

“Effective Adult Learning” covers key topics, such as defining your audience, choosing the right instructional methods, facilitating effectively, and others. Included is in-depth instruction on how to write learning objectives and avoid common mistakes.

“The toolkit provides guidelines for determining content and format of training, no matter what the topic,” said Luann D’Ambrosio, NWCPHP Associate Director. “It offers practical tips on how to reach adult learners, based on years of classroom experience.” The toolkit also includes references to classical texts and theory of adult learning, for those who want to dive deeper into the topic.

“Effective Adult Learning” includes tools and templates for developing training for adults. Highlighted boxes throughout the document provide more experienced teachers and trainers with a refresher on the topic.

The toolkit is available as through PH LearnLink.

Effective Presentations: A Toolkit for Engaging an Audience

“Effective Presentations” covers key topics, such as how to choose your material, how to tell a story, how to speak effectively, and how to make effective presentation slides. An accompanying PowerPoint slide set offers helpful diagrams and displays that can be easily customized for your presentation.

"This is a toolkit for the experienced presenter and the novice. The document is organized so it can be scanned for specific principles or read from start to finish," said Claire Rainey, NWCPHP coordinator for the project. "The feedback we received from toolkit pilot testers was very helpful, and we hope that it becomes a well-utilized tool."

This toolkit is available as a PDF, with supplemental materials in a PowerPoint file. Access toolkit.


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