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Training Resources for Measles Preparedness

NWCPHP's free online training resources are available to help public health organizations and health departments with measles preparedness.

NWCPHP's free online training resources are available to help public health organizations and health departments with measles preparedness.

April 9, 2015

The December 2014 measles outbreak, which has spread from California’s Disneyland to at least seven states, has returned a nearly eliminated disease to the forefront of the public health community’s attention. Most cases have appeared in unvaccinated people—largely children from vaccine-hesitant families, and those too young for vaccination—or in people with unknown vaccine status, underscoring the unique challenges measles outbreaks pose for public health professionals.

Although Washington and Oregon are currently the only states in the Northwest to have reported measles cases, public health officials throughout the region are preparing for the possibility of an outbreak in their communities. NWCPHP offers a variety of training resources to help public health professionals prepare for and respond to a return of the measles.

Webinars on Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy

  • Vaccine Hesitancy: Building Solutions for Washington State and Beyond: Part of the Maternal and Child Public Health webinar series, this hour-long webinar describes the work of Vax Northwest to use parent networks and health care providers to get accurate and reliable information to vaccine-hesitant families.
  • Understanding and Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy: As one of NWCPHP’s Hot Topics in Practice webinars, Dr. Edgar Marcuse presents information about vaccine hesitancy that sheds light on the motivations and values of vaccine-hesitant families and points the way toward strategies for changing vaccination behavior.

Online Courses on Preparing for Outbreaks

  • Emergency Risk Communication: This online course provides a framework and strategies for communicating with the public during a public health emergency, including planning, creating effective messages, and interacting with the media and community members.
  • Legal Aspects of Public Health Emergency Preparedness: Because of the complex issues around vaccination, the legal aspects of measles response can seem particularly daunting for public health professionals to navigate. This online course provides an overview of legal topics and solutions for dealing with public health emergencies.
  • Epidemiology Series: A nine-part sequence of online courses, the epidemiology series provides a grounding in basic infectious disease concepts in epidemiology, as well as courses on outbreak investigation and surveillance.

Northwest Region Measles Resources

National Measles Resources


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