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NWCPHP Welcomes New Operations Manager

Cheryl Kalent will support and help strengthen programs and services at NWCPHP.
NWCPHP Welcomes New Operations Manager

Cheryl Kalent

Cheryl Kalent will support programs and services at NWCPHP.

October 24, 2017

NWCPHP is pleased to welcome Cheryl Kalent as its new Operations Manager. Kalent brings with her over a decade of experience from outside and within the University of Washington. She will manage day-to-day administrative operations of training, research, and evaluation activities at NWCPHP.

“We’re excited to have Cheryl on board to share her considerable skills and expertise with us,” said Janell Blackmer, Associate Director for Operations. “She is very well-versed with the University of Washington systems and processes, and we expect that the Center and our investigators will benefit greatly from her contributions to our work.”

In her role as Operations Manager, Kalent will manage administrative operations of NWCPHP’s projects and activities. She will work on pre- and post-award grant administration, budget development, financial management, human resources, and general NWCPHP operations.

“I like the idea of working as a team and I’m really excited about working on grants and sponsored research,” said Kalent.

Before joining NWCPHP, Kalent spent a year and a half as a Program Operations Specialist for the UW School of Public Health Department of Epidemiology, where she provided support for the department’s budget and expenditure planning, and worked on pre-award coordination with the department’s grants manager. Before that job, she worked at Northwestern University in the Chicago area, where she held various roles in research administration.

What attracted her to NWCPHP was the opportunity to participate in the entire grant funding, awarding, and implementation process. “I like seeing a grant through its entire life,” she said, adding that the work matches her personality.

“I like having set rules and following those rules, and in sponsored research, there are a lot of rules to go through,” she said. In her new role, she will support NWCPHP researchers in submitting grant proposals by developing budgets, timelines, and keeping track of due dates. She will be responsible for post-award administration, making sure that spending is on track and in line with the grant award, and that there are no deficits or issues by the time the project wraps up.

The love of rules and order spills over into Kalent’s personal life. She enjoys distance running and sewing clothes for herself and others, activities that require preparation and precision.

Kalent and her partner, Niki, moved to Seattle from Chicago in 2016, with their two dogs, Minerva, a four-year-old cattle dog mix, and Echo, a two-year-old terrier mix. By moving, Kalent fulfilled a lifelong dream of living in Seattle, which she visited for the first time in 2014. “I remember when I was five or six saying, ‘I’m going to live in Seattle.’ It’s really weird. I don’t remember why, but I do remember saying I want to live in Seattle when I was young,” she said. She enjoys the weather and terrain of her new home, which are quite different from what she’s used to in the Midwest.


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