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NWCPHP Joins National Network of Public Health Institutes

NWCPHP is one of six new members to join the National Network of Public Health Institutes.

NWCPHP is one of six new members to join the National Network of Public Health Institutes.

November 25, 2014

NWCPHP was recently named a member of the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI), bringing the network’s total to 43 members in 31 states and Washington, D.C. Members of the NNPHI are organizations that improve public health capacity, systems, and outcomes by fostering innovation, leveraging resources, and building partnerships to improve the public's health.

“NWCPHP has long recognized the value of national partnerships by participating in networks such as the Public Health Training Centers, Preparedness and Emergency Response Research and Learning Centers, and National Leadership Network,” said Associate Director Luann D’Ambrosio, MEd. “As a Public Health Institute, we anticipate working more closely with our national colleagues to jointly develop products and activities and to connect practitioners in this region to the work of other institutes.”

The overlap in organizational missions and activities makes NWCPHP and NNPHI natural partners. Like NNPHI, NWCPHP has a well-established history of promoting excellence in public health through workforce development, practice-based research, and outcomes-based training. Both organizations also promote cross-sector collaboration between governmental agencies, communities, the health care delivery system, and academia.

“We’re particularly excited to learn how the national network promotes cross-sector alliances between public health organizations and businesses and media so we can further foster those partnerships in our region,” said D’Ambrosio.

NWCPHP’s current partners also support this new collaboration.

“As a leader in public health education and a valuable resource to public health practitioners throughout the Northwest, NWCPHP is an ideal home for a Public Health Institute in Washington State,” said Torney Smith, MS, Administrator for the Spokane Regional Health District. “Our organization looks forward to continuing our partnership with NWCPHP in this new capacity.”

Joining as an affiliate member, NWCPHP was one of six new members announced by the NNPHI. Other new members include: Partners for a Healthier Community (Springfield, MA), Kentucky Population Health Institute (Frankfort, KY), MCD Public Health (Augusta, ME), Ohio Public Health Partnership (Columbus, OH), and Fund for Public Health in New York, Inc.

To learn more about NNPHI and its member institutes, visit:


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