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NWCPHP Congratulates Trudy San Jose White on Retirement

Trudy San Jose White, Continuing Education Coordinator, who has worked at NWCPHP since 2001, retired at the end of November.

Trudy San Jose White, Continuing Education Coordinator, who has worked at NWCPHP since 2001, retired at the end of November.

December 11, 2018

After a 17-year career at NWCPHP, Trudy San Jose White retired at the end of November. Trudy, a Continuing Education Coordinator, has worked on administrative, logistical, planning, and financial aspects of numerous NWCPHP projects and programs throughout her tenure, from various iterations of in-person trainings and institutes, to the Hot Topics in Practice webinar series. Including University of Washington positions before coming to NWCPHP, Trudy has worked for the UW for more than two decades.

At a lunchtime retirement party, current and former staff and faculty, along with some of Trudy’s family members, celebrated Trudy’s professional contributions to NWCPHP over the years, as well as her humor, positivity, and warmth that have strengthened the Center’s team.

Staff paid tribute to Trudy's legacy. “Trudy is the face of registration tables at the Public Health Management Certificate and the Leadership Institute. She is the face of NWCPHP for our scholars. Thank you, Trudy, for everything you’ve done for the Center,” said Janell Blackmer, Associate Director for Center Operations. Barb Rose, MPH, Training and Outreach Manager, added, “It can get pretty hectic here, and a million things can go wrong, but Trudy always has a mantra—that it’ll be fine. Thanks, Trudy, for saying that, and helping us stay grounded.”

Guests enjoyed a slideshow of photos from throughout Trudy’s career—supporting NWCPHP trainings, attending a colleague’s wedding, and dressed for Halloween as Kim Kardashian.

Several past NWCPHP directors attended the celebration, including Mark Oberle, MD, MPH, who served as NWCPHP’s first director, in 1990. “Trudy has been here with the Center providing all this support and morale for three quarters of the life of the Center. She’s been an exemplary person to work with, and it’s been great,” said Mark.

Tao Kwan-Gett, MD, MPH, who directed NWCPHP from 2013–2015, also attended. “Trudy is a gem!” said Tao. “She is one of those people who makes NWCPHP a great place to work. She's a consummate professional who is always there with cheer and a smile. I'll miss her grace and serenity at the office, but I'm happy that she is taking time to enjoy this next stage of her life with her family and friends.”

Trudy recalled changes and positive experiences over the years at NWCPHP. “I’ve enjoyed all these years of working with everyone. I just want to thank you all for making this a nice place to work and be,” said Trudy. Pausing for effect, she added, “Since I was born beautiful instead of rich, and had to work, this has been a great place.”

Trudy’s future plans involve some well-deserved relaxing, as well as a Caribbean cruise with family. Having always wanted to see Belize, she’s looking forward to the opportunity.

View the Facebook album of photos spanning Trudy's 17-year career at NWCPHP and from her retirement party.


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