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New Horizons for Research Assistant Claire Huang

Claire Huang, MPH, Research Assistant, is leaving NWCPHP to begin the next phase of her career.
New Horizons for Research Assistant Claire Huang

Claire Huang, MPH

Claire Huang, MPH, a Research Assistant who has been with us since 2010 is moving on to new adventures.

June 26, 2014

This month, we’ll be saying goodbye to Claire Huang, MPH, as she leaves to complete her dissertation research. Since 2010, Claire has been a Research Assistant with NWCPHP while completing her graduate work in the University of Washington (UW) School of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology.

Claire came to UW with a well-developed interest in public health, having worked for six years in local public health in her home state of Missouri. Her responsibilities were primarily in the area of emergency preparedness, so once she started at NWCPHP, it was a natural fit for her to work with Carl Osaki on an assessment of the public health preparedness capabilities in Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

“Claire brings to NWCPHP an extensive background in local public health and expertise in data analysis. It's the perfect blend of skills,” says Barb Rose, MPH, Outreach and Training Design Specialist for NWCPHP.

Since January 2012, Claire has been acting in a project management role with the Robert Wood Johnson Public Health Law Training Project, an effort directed by NWCPHP faculty member, Susan Allan, MD, JD, MPH.

“Claire was especially effective with our complicated public health law trainings and modules, bringing to the activities an understanding of public health practice and an open willingness to engage and learn from the various legal and practice participants in developing and refining the toolkits and trainings. She is organized yet patient, structured yet flexible,” says Allan.

For most of her time at NWCPHP, Claire was a member of the evaluation team. Luann D’Ambrosio, Associate Director at NWCPHP and lead for the evaluation team says, “Claire has been invaluable to NWCPHP over the past three years. Whether she has been asked to work on emergency preparedness, public health law, or a myriad of evaluation-related projects, she has the tenacity and professional level skill set to consistently meet the diverse needs and requests of our workforce development activities. Her quick thinking, nimble attitude, and all-around sunny nature will be greatly missed.”

As she thinks about the months ahead, Claire says she will benefit from what she learned while working at NWPCHP, “I learned to design and administer surveys as well as to analyze the data from these surveys. These are skills that I’ll be able to use in my dissertation research.”

Claire’s dissertation research will study HIV risk and migration among men who have sex with men. She is investigating if social support, something that may temporarily lapse when one moves to a new area, is a factor in HIV risk behaviors. As part of her dissertation research activities, Claire is working with Susan Cassels, PhD, MPH, at the Center for AIDS Research at Harborview Medical Center. Claire plans to graduate with her PhD in epidemiology in late 2015.

Before then, Claire and her husband Jon have another event to look forward to: they are expecting the birth of their first child in October. “Although I’m sad to leave my position with such a wonderful team committed to public health, I look forward to the busy and exciting year we have ahead of us!” Claire says.


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