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Meet New Research Staff at NWCPHP

The research programs at NWCPHP are staffed by skilled and remarkable people. Here are some staff who came on board during Fall 2013.

Research programs at NWCPHP are staffed by skilled and remarkable people. Here are some staff who joined us in Fall 2013.

December 19, 2013

Tishra Beeson, MPH

Tishra BeesonA hallmark of our work is the collaborative cross-disciplinary approach we use to address public health issues for vulnerable populations. Bringing together members of the research, practice, and patient communities is one of the most rewarding elements of my role at NWCPHP.

Tishra Beeson is a Research Coordinator for TransPHorm, a study on the use of machine translation technology for producing translations of health promotion materials. She has research expertise in working with safety-net institutions including Federally-Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), and evaluating the role of local, state, and federal policy in improving the health of the populations they serve.

Tishra has a master's degree in public health from Oregon Health and Science University and is a doctoral candidate in public health with a specialty focus in health policy at the George Washington University. When not working on her dissertation, Tishra enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with her two dogs, Mona and Audrey.

Kristin Dew, MS

Kristin DewIn my short time thus far at NWCPHP, I’ve gained a better perspective on the opportunities and constraints that public health practitioners see daily, as well as the need for collaboration to address them.

Kristin Dew is a recent graduate of the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering MS program and has been a Research Assistant with NWCPHP since October. She works on the TransPHorm team and will be pitching in on the Addressing the Personal Health Information Needs of Older Adults project.

Before joining NWCPHP, Kristin worked across a variety of research fields, including information communication technology (ICT) for development, engineering education, and public education policy. She also has a background in business research and publishing, having worked abroad for a few years in a business intelligence and consulting firm. Kristin plans to start a PhD in the fall to continue studying ICT and underserved populations. She spends most of her time outside of the office covered in muck at a barn with her horses.

Andrea Hartzler, PhD

Andrea HartzlerWhat I love about my work at NWCPHP is engaging participants in research to understand and support their health information needs.

At NWCPHP, Andrea leads formative research studies that engage older adults and caregivers to identify unmet needs in their current personal health information management (PHIM) practices. Through focus groups, interviews, surveys, and longitudinal fieldwork, Andrea describes PHIM needs and practices across different residential settings to formulate a model of PHIM for older adults. This model forms the basis for the design of supportive health information technology.

Andrea has a BS in psychology from the University of Washington. Her doctoral and post-doctoral work has been in biomedical informatics, also at the University of Washington. In her spare time, Andrea enjoys hiking with her 14-year old son.

Miranda Moore

Miranda MooreAt NWCPHP, I have been working on a project evaluating Health Information Exchange activities and needs in Washington State. I've helped design surveys, collect and analyze data, and prepare reports for this project.

Miranda Moore is a research assistant working on the Washington Statewide Health Information Exchange Evaluation Project. She will be assisting in the development of evaluation instruments, along with conducting recruitment analysis for the project.

Miranda is a second-year MPH student in epidemiology at the University of Washington. Her undergraduate studies were in biology and history from Georgetown University. She previously worked at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, researching immune responses to HIV candidate vaccines, and this past summer at Public Health - Seattle & King County as part of the Epi Scholars program. When not in school or work, Miranda plays ultimate Frisbee. This year she is on Element, the UW women's club team.


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