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Management Certificate or Leadership Institute: Which Training is Right for You?

NWCPHP training programs provide targeted learning options to scholars.

NWCPHP training programs provide targeted learning options to scholars.

March 13, 2018

Deciding which of the two NWCPHP intensive training opportunities to take in 2018?

Application deadlines have been set for the Public Health Management Certificate and the Northwest Public Health Leadership Institute. Here is some information about the programs to help you decide which one is right for you.

Public Health Management Certificate
Time Commitment: June 2018 to July 2019, weekly webinars September – May.
Format: Distance-based with one Seattle on-site

The Public Health Management Certificate trains public health professionals by developing practical management skills in key areas such as budgeting and financial management, people management, communication, collaboration and negotiation, and accountability. By developing these skills, managers are able to expand the effectiveness and impact of their programs and agencies.

Organizations and scholars benefit immediately from the program as scholars can apply their new skills to their work while still in the program. An important component of the program is an integrated project. Each scholar will choose a relevant project that addresses an issue that is affecting his or her organization right now. The project’s aim is for the scholar to have an opportunity to apply what they learned in the Management Certificate program to a real-world situation. Scholars will also benefit from working with assigned coaches—experienced public health professionals who will serve as their facilitator and mentor for the duration of the program.

Public health professionals who want to bolster their efficiency and provide more structure and consistency within their organization through the development of strategic management skills will benefit from the Management Certificate.These public health professionals could include current mid-level managers, newly appointed managers, and emerging managers. Apply by May 31.

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Northwest Public Health Leadership Institute
Time Commitment: Late April 2018 to November 2018
Format: Distance-based with three Seattle on-site sessions

In the Northwest Public Health Leadership Institute, a cohort of the next generation of public health leaders works with practice-based faculty to develop collaborative leadership and change management skills, which are essential for addressing today’s pressing public health issues.

The Leadership Institute offers scholars an opportunity to interact with and learn from experts, peers, mentors, and alumni. The program’s curriculum applies a life-course perspective and will look at how health equity and social justice impact health. Scholars work in small teams to build decision-making skills by using problem-based learning (PBL) concepts. They also each develop an individual leadership plan to serve as a roadmap for identifying and reaching their personal leadership and career goals, and work on a leadership project with their employer to gain practice for their newly honed leadership skills.

Like the Public Health Management Certificate, the Leadership Institute teaches some management skills, such as conflict resolution and change management. However, the focus of the program is more broadly on how leaders apply information about urgent and changing public health issues to make challenging leadership decisions equitably and strategically. Reflecting a focus on both collaborative and individual leadership, the Leadership Institute emphasizes both team-based and individual learning opportunities.

Emerging leaders in public health or those who have demonstrated leadership interest and ability are encouraged to apply for the Leadership Institute. Some scholarships are designated for professionals in Maternal and Child Health (MCH)-related fields. Apply by March 23.

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