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Now Accepting Applications for 2011-12 Leadership Institute

NWCPHP announces available applications for the 2011-12 Northwest Public Health Leadership Institute.

January 11, 2011

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Northwest Public Health Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute is a year-long program for public health professionals who want to be leaders in today's complex public health environment.

The Institute builds on personal experiences and allows participants to develop skills that can be directly applied to their current work environment. The program is designed for the experienced public health (or related) professional who wants to increase his or her leadership abilities.

This year, the Leadership Institute offers its participants an even more dynamic learning experience that is informed by feedback from past participants. Using problem-based learning, an approach that is dynamic and student-directed, participants in the Leadership Institute will grapple with real-world problems. Experienced faculty will help participants get the most out of their time in the Institute.

The Institute is designed to develop leadership skills using a combination of face-to-face instruction and distance learning. Participants will attend three on-site sessions in Seattle, Washington. Each session will last from 2-3 days. Between on-site sessions, participants will use distance-based technologies to connect for virtual team meetings and/or sessions with subject matter experts and national leaders.

Another important aspect to the Institute is the opportunity for participants to network and support each other as they develop as leaders. As one past participant attested, “The most memorable part of the Leadership Institute for me was seeing the growth of the scholars in my group. I was amazed at the new challenges they were taking on.”

Learn more about the Leadership Institute.


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