Photograph of Barbara Obena
Essentially Public Health Faculty

Barbara Obena, MPH (she/her) leads the NWCPHP training focused on the foundations of public health as the instructor of the Essentially Public Health program.

She currently serves as a Senior Consultant with the National Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity team at Kaiser Permanente where she helps translate enterprise strategy and programs into tactics to ensure alignment and efficiency, and provides expertise to drive the development and implementation of initiatives, systems, and/or processes to a desired future state where EID is part of everyone's role.

Barbara teaches graduate-level Population Health at the University of Washington and has previously worked at Neighborcare Health, the Washington State Department of Health, and Community Health Plan of Washington. She loves food and boba, dabbles in pickleball, and dotes on her adopted Olde English Bulldogge. 

Areas of Expertise: 
  • Health equity

  • Population health

  • Equity-centered community design

  • Quality improvement