Anne Turner, MD, MPH, MLIS
SHARE-NW Project Co-Director

Anne Turner is the Principal Investigator for the National Institutes of Health TransPHorm Machine Translation for Health project. She is also Principal Investigator for the SOARING project. This research investigates health department translation processes and the potential of machine translation to improve the costs and efficiency of creating translated materials for limited English proficiency groups. She teaches Public Health and Informatics and has served as the lead for the health communications and informatics tracks for the Summer Institute for Public Health Practice.

Anne is also Professor in the Schools of Public Health and Medicine at the University of Washington.

She received her Masters of Public Health in Medical Informatics and Masters of Library and Information Sciences from the University of Washington, and her MD from Brown University.

Areas of Expertise: 
  • Public health workforce information workflow
  • Public health digital libraries
  • Natural language processing to access public health gray literature