How Do You Appeal to Different Types of Texters?


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Think about the types of texters you're trying to reach. It's very likely they're not all the same, but they may all benefit from your program. Your marketing materials should reflect the different characteristics of the group you're trying to reach. If possible, try to appeal to the needs of all of the different types. Learn more about types of texters.

Consider the types of texters we have identified. If you have a specific audience, your audience research may reveal other types. Knowing that texter types are not finite, practice thinking about the reasons on-the-go, strategic, intimate, and security texters might want to opt in to a text message program.

    Don't assume that all texters are young people or people with smartphones. Texting can be less expensive than a phone call, and it is used in many different populations. Do some audience research to know for sure!

On-The-Go Texters
These end users like texting and understand its conveniences. What kinds of phrases will encourage them to opt in? Consider the following examples:

  • Fits into your busy lifestyle
  • Texting is the best way to receive this information
  • Easy to get updated information

Strategic Texters
These texters want something clear and direct, and they don't want to be unnecessarily bothered. What kinds of phrases will encourage them to opt in? Consider the following examples:

  • Texts will be short and to the point, allowing you to follow up on only the information that interests you
  • Helps you plan ahead and coordinate
  • Personalized

Intimate Texters
Intimate texters are less interested in news and information and more interested in relationships. It might be helpful to explain how your program will give them the power to help friends and family. What types of phrases might encourage them to opt in? Consider the following examples:

  • Share with friends and family
  • Stay in touch
  • On a personal level

Security Texters
Security texters are primarily concerned with safety. They are especially well positioned to be end users of an emergency program. What types of phrases will encourage them to opt in?

  • Information to stay safe in an emergency
  • Just in case
  • Critical information
  • Next you will learn about Spreading the Word.

Now you try!

Pretend you're planning an emergency texting program, and you want to make a flyer that will appeal to the four types of texters. What will it say? Type your answer into the box below and click Compare Answer.

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