How Do You Personalize Your Text Messages?

The key to a successful texting program is personalization. You can't reach end-users on their most treasured devices without providing something meaningful to them. Your end users should determine both the content of your messages and the way those messages are crafted.

Many factors can be used to personalize content. Make sure your web-based applicationAn online platform that allows text message program administrators to send messages to many end users. These systems may also allow administrators to sort, track, and report on specific campaigns or programs. allows you to sort based on many criteria, including the factors that will distinguish your end users.

Distinguishing factors may include:

  • Location
  • Answers to previous questions/preferences
  • Age (provided by end user)
  • Time of enrollment
  • Method of enrollment (direct/via short code, online, manual)
  • Time since last office visit

Once you've identified the segments of your audience, you can target them specifically, by using different marketing appeals and media to communicate the value of your program.

Try it yourself. Practice writing text messages in the next Activity.

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