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Northwest Center for Public Health Practice

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How to Print a PH LearnLink Certificate

Certificates of Completion are available to those who complete online course in PH LearnLink. They are not available for those who viewed archived webinars or downloaded Exercise and Drill resources.

  1. Login to PH LearnLink and navigate to the course.
  2. To earn a certificate, you must first complete the course content and pass with a final assessment score of 70% or better.

    Moodle Course Content Link

  3. After you pass the final assessment, click on the Evaluation link and complete the short evaluation. The link opens in a new window.

    Moodle Evaluation Link

  4. After you complete the evaluation, return to the window with the course information and refresh the screen.
  5. If you have successfully completed the course content (including passing the final assessment) and filled out the evaluation, the Certificate of Completion link will be available for you to click.

    Moodle Course Certificate Link

  6. Click the Get Your Certificate button. The certificate will open in a new window. You can print or save the certificate to your computer.
  7. You may always return to the course page to reprint your certificate after you have successfully completed the course.