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Research Products & Publications

Products and publications created out of NWCPHP research projects.

These are products and publications created out of NWCPHP research projects. There is also a complete list of NWCPHP publications.


SMS Texting for Public Health Communication
Video Trainings & Vendor Tips, Resources, Public Health - Seattle & King County

A Comparison of Human and Machine Translation of Health Promotion Materials for Public Health Practice: Time, Costs, and Quality
A Conjoint Analysis Framework for Evaluating User Preferences in Machine Translation
A Web-Based Collaborative Translation Management System for Public Health Workers
Application of Statistical Machine Translation to Public Health Information: A Feasibility Study
Assessing Vaccine Safety Communication with Healthcare Providers in a Large Urban County
Barriers and Facilitators to Using 9-1-1 and Emergency Medical Services in a Limited English Proficiency Chinese Community
Can u txt me now? Text Messaging to the Deaf for Emergencies
Communicating with the Workforce During Emergencies: Developing an Employee Text Messaging Program in a Local Public Health Setting
Diffusion of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training to Chinese Immigrants with Limited English Proficiency
Emergency Communications with Limited-English-proficiency Populations
Evaluating User Preferences in Machine Translation Using Conjoint Analysis
Exploring Bi-directional and SMS Messaging for Communications Between Public Health Agencies and Their Stakeholders: a Qualitative Study
Exploring Local Public Health Work in the Context of Novel Translation Technologies
Exploring Local Public Health Workflow in the Context of Automated Translation Technologies
Factors Associated with the Adoption of a Patient Education Intervention Among First Responders, King County, Washington, 2010-2011
Health Care Workers' Ability and Willingness to Report to Work During Public Health Emergencies
Health-Care Provider Preferences for Time-Sensitive Communications from Public Health Agencies
How 2 txt: An Exploration of Crafting Public Health Messages in SMS
Increased Hospital Admissions Associated with Extreme-heat Exposure in King County, Washington, 1990-2010
Increased Mortality Associated with Extreme-heat Exposure in King County, Washington, 1980-2010
Information-Seeking Behaviors and Response to the H1N1 Outbreak in Chinese Limited-English Proficient Individuals Living in King County, Washington
Investing in a Text Messaging System: A Comparison of Three Solutions
Leveraging Health Information Exchange to Improve Population Health Reporting Processes: Lessons in Using a Collaborative-Participatory Design Process
Local Health Department Food Safety and Sanitation Expenditures and Reductions in Enteric Disease, 2000-2010
Local Health Department Translation Processes: Potential of Machine Translation Technologies to Help Meet Needs
Measuring the Impact of a Health Information Exchange Intervention on Provider-Based Notifiable Disease Reporting Using Mixed Methods: A Study Protocol
Ni Hao! Hola! Mabuhay! Serving Callers with Limited English Skills
Practice, More Practice, Best Practice: Improving Our Service to Limited-English Callers
Preparedness for Cardiac Emergencies Among Cambodians With Limited English Proficiency
Projected Health Impacts of Heat Events in Washington State Associated with Climate Change