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Evaluation Resources

Tips on Evaluation

Program Evaluation documents a program's impact on its recipients. It answers: Did a program produce the desired results?
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Training Evaluation tells you how well trainings were received. It answers: Did the participants learn, enjoy, and consider the training useful? How will they apply what they learned, and will it improve performance?
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Training Needs Assessment reveals what curriculum is needed to further develop your workforce. It answers: What training topics and formats are best for my workforce?
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Evaluation of Drills and Exercises will tell you the thoroughness of your plan, identify gaps, and determine appropriate stakeholder involvement and commitment. It can also tell you how well the exercise was received by participants and what could be improved in future drills and exercises.
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NWCPHP Toolkits

Effective Evaluation: A Toolkit for Evaluating Presentations and Trainings (PDF)

NWCPHP Evaluation Courses

Logic Models and Outcome Measurement
Learn how to measure the performance of your local health jurisdiction using logic models and outcome measurement.

Program Evaluation in Public Health
This self-paced module can help you create an evaluation to determine how well your public health program is meeting its goals.

Data Collection for Program Evaluation
Learn to collect the evidence needed to assess a program’s impact and gauge the quality of program components.

Data Interpretation for Public Health Professionals
Achieve basic competency in reading and presenting data and learn the terms used to describe the public's health.

Basic Concepts in Data Analysis for Community Health Assessment
This links you to part one, Overview of Public Health Data, of a four-part online course that covers how to use data to answer assessment questions, best practices for presenting tables and graphs, and strengths and limitations of selected data sources.

General Evaluation Resources

A comprehensive list of evaluation resources (CDC)

A comprehensive list of public health data sources (NWCPHP)

Evaluation Tools and Resources (SAMHSA)