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Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition Sustainability Report

NWCPHP's evaluation team developed a sustainability report for the Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition which will be used to create strategies for future financial, operating, and business planning.

Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition Sustainability Report

NWCPHP collaborated with the Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition, which is a group that uses its combined expertise to deliver sustainable health care in Snohomish County. The Coalition sought the expertise of the NWCPHP evaluation team in order to:

  • Assess the extent to which the Coalition is addressing their strategic goals
  • Provide recommendations on ways to provide support and increase capacity
  • Identify factors or actions that ensures the Coalition’s effectiveness and sustainability
  • Describe lessons learned from the experience that might be of value to others engaged in this work

The evaluation consisted of key informant interviews with the Coalition’s 13 steering committee members. The interviews helped obtain each member’s perspective on the Coalition’s contributions towards achieving their goals, recommendations for improving the Coalition, and any lessons learned. These evaluation results were compiled into a report for the Coalition.

Overall, the Coalition members were very satisfied with the two inaugural initiatives and believe they will both have a strong impact in Snohomish County. In order to improve efficiency, functioning, and sustainability, the report identified areas of opportunity that the Coalition must address. Coalition members recommended that the Coalition maintain its presence in the community, have targeted efforts, and develop a business plan for financial and structural sustainability.

To ensure continued success in the years to come, the Coalition will utilize the report to outline strategies for operating efficiently, providing quality and reduced health costs, and improving quality of life in Snohomish County.

Project Team

Luann D’Ambrosio, MEd
Associate Director

Megan Rogers, MS
Evaluation Specialist

Past Contributors

Elizabeth Medeiros, MPHc
Research Assistant