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Faculty Publications

Faculty and staff at NWCPHP contribute frequently to public health literature.


Local Health Department Food Safety and Sanitation Expenditures and Reductions in Enteric Disease, 2000-2010
Bekemeier, B, Yip, M, Dunbar, M, Whitman, G, and T, K
American Journal of Public Health, 105(Suppl 2):S345-352.

An Evaluation of Health Impact Assessments in the United States, 2011–2014
Bourcier, E, Charbonneau, D, Cahill, C, and Dannenberg, A
Preventing Chronic Disease, 12.

Why Public Health and Transportation: Setting the Stage
Dannenberg, A and Sener, I
TR News(299):4-8.

The High Costs & Consequences of Medication Non-Adherence
Miscellaneous publication, Whitepaper.

Increased Mortality Associated with Extreme-heat Exposure in King County, Washington, 1980-2010
Isaksen, T, Fenske, R, Hom, E, Ren, Y, Lyons, H, and Yost, M
International Journal of Biometeorology.

Increased Hospital Admissions Associated with Extreme-heat Exposure in King County, Washington, 1990-2010
Isaksen, T, Yost, M, Hom, E, Ren, Y, Lyons, H, and Fenske, R
Reviews on Environmental Health, 30(1):51-64.

Exploring Bi-directional and SMS Messaging for Communications Between Public Health Agencies and Their Stakeholders: a Qualitative Study
Revere, D, Calhoun, R, Baseman, J, and Oberle, M
BMC Public Health, 15:621.

Health Impact Assessment: Considering Health in Transportation Decision Making in the United States
Wier, M, Schwartz, M, and Dannenberg, A
TR News(299):11-16.


Training for Public Health Preparedness: Advancing the Field
Allan, S
Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 20(5):S1-S2.

Evidence-Based Communications Strategies: NWPERLC Response to Training on Effectively Reaching Limited English-Speaking (LEP) Populations in Emergencies
D'Ambrosio, L, Huang, C, and Kwan-Gett, T
Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 20(5):S101-S106.

The Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Centers: Advancing Standardized Evaluation of Public Health Preparedness and Response Trainings
Hites, L, Sass, M, D'Ambrosio, L, Brown, L, Wendelboe, A, Peters, K, and Sobelson, R
Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 20(5):S17-S23.

Projected Health Impacts of Heat Events in Washington State Associated with Climate Change
Isaksen, T, Yost, M, Hom, E, and Fenske, R
Reviews on Environmental Health, 29(1-2):119-123.

Capacity Building for Evidence-based Decision Making in Local Health Departments: Scaling Up an Effective Training Approach
Jacobs, J, Duggan, K, Erwin, P, Smith, C, Borawski, E, Compton, J, D'Ambrosio, L, Frank, S, Frazier-Kouassi, S, Hannon, P, Leeman, J, Mainor, A, and Brownson, R
Implementation Science, 9(124).

Communicating with the Workforce During Emergencies: Developing an Employee Text Messaging Program in a Local Public Health Setting
Karasz, H, Bogan, S, and Bosslet, L
Public Health Reports, 129(Suppl 4):61-66.

Factors Associated with the Adoption of a Patient Education Intervention Among First Responders, King County, Washington, 2010-2011
Meischke, H, Stubbs, B, Fahrenbruch, C, and Phelan, E
Preventing Chronic Disease, 11.

Future of Public Workforce Training: Thought Leaders' Perspectives
Miner, K and Allan, S
Health Promotion Practice, 15(1 Suppl):10S-13S.

Public Health Training Centers: Strategies for Preparing the Public Health Workforce
Miner, K, Allan, S, and McKenzie, J
Health Promotion Practice, 15(1 Suppl):5S-9S.

Charting a Course to Competency: An Approach to Mapping Public Health Core Competencies to Existing Trainings
Neiworth, L, Allan, S, D'Ambrosio, L, and Coplen-Abrahamson, M
Health Promotion Practice, 15(1 Suppl):33S-38S.

Developing a Model Curriculum for a University Course in Health Impact Assessment in the USA
Pollack, K, Dannenberg, A, Botchwey, N, Stone, C, and Seto, E
Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal.

Leveraging Health Information Exchange to Improve Population Health Reporting Processes: Lessons in Using a Collaborative-Participatory Design Process
Revere, D, Dixon, B, Hills, R, Williams, J, and Grannis, S
eGEMs (Generating Evidence & Methods to improve patient outcomes), 2(3):12.

Health-Care Provider Preferences for Time-Sensitive Communications from Public Health Agencies
Revere, D, Painter, I, Oberle, M, and Baseman, J
Public Health Reports, 129(Suppl 4):67-76.

How 2 txt: An Exploration of Crafting Public Health Messages in SMS
Revere, D, Schwartz, M, and Baseman, J
BMC Research Notes, 7(514).

A Comparison of Human and Machine Translation of Health Promotion Materials for Public Health Practice: Time, Costs, and Quality
Turner, A, Bergman, M, Brownstein, M, Cole, K, and Kirchhoff, K
Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 20(5):523-529.


Public Health Communications and Alert Fatigue
Baseman, J, Revere, D, Painter, I, Toyoji, M, Thiede, H, and Duchin, J
BMC Health Services Research, 13:295.

Serving Limited English Proficient Callers: A Survey of 9-1-1 Police Telecommunicators
Carroll, L, Calhoun, R, Subido, C, Painter, I, and Meischke, H
Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, 28(3):1-6.

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