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NWCPHP works with public health colleagues in Wyoming to design and implement training activities, workforce development strategies, and public health education and training.

NWCPHP works actively with public health colleagues in Wyoming to design and implement specific training activities, assist in the development of a statewide workforce development strategy, and support efforts to build greater capacity for public health education and training.

WyomingRecent activities include:

  • From May-July 2012 one Wyoming public health worker participated in the NWCPHP’s Accreditation Coaching Program, a distanced-based program to build regional capacity for national public health accreditation.
  • In September 2012, Luann D’Ambrosio conducted a webinar to help Wyoming public health workers explore and apply program planning and evaluation principles and tools.

About Wyoming's Public Health System

Public health infrastructure within Wyoming consists of the Wyoming Department of Health in Cheyenne, two county health departments directed by Boards of Health, and 29 public health nursing offices covering 23 counties.

Supported by Wyoming's Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program Cooperative Agreement, individual contracts between the 23 county governments are established to create county-level Public Health Response Coordinator positions. Responsibilities of these positions include writing local public health preparedness and response plans, providing assistance to the the Department of Health during disease outbreak investigations, and fostering professional working relationships with local stakeholders. The coordinators are supervised by the local state-employed nursing manager and are under the direction of the state's Public Health Nursing Program.

The total population of Wyoming is about 533,000 people. The state has two small urbanized city/county areas but is largely comprised of small towns and rural/frontier areas. The largest city is Cheyenne with a population of roughly 55,000. There is one Indian reservation, Wind River, with headquarters at Fort Washakie. The reservation is the home of around 2,300 Shoshone and 3,500 Arapaho Indians. The US Census 2008 estimates reports that American Indians comprise 2.5 percent of the state’s population.