Tom Eversole, DVM, MS
Public Health Management Certificate Coach

Tom Eversole is a coach for scholars in the Public Health Management Certificate program. He works with governmental public health and private nonprofit organizations to facilitate leadership and organizational development.

Tom was Chair of Oregon's Public Health Advisory Board, Co-chair of the Oregon Conference of Local Health Officials (CLHO), and Chair of the Oregon Public Health Association. He taught public health and veterinary public health classes at Oregon State University. He also served as an accreditation site visitor for the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) and as a trainer in multicultural leadership for the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.

Tom's education includes Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Georgia, MS in Clinical Sciences from Colorado State University and MS in Counseling Psychology from Loyola University in Baltimore.

Areas of Expertise: 
  • Public Health management and leadership
  • Public health practice
  • Integration of public health, primary care, and mental health services
  • Accreditation of schools and programs of public health