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Our History

NWCPHP’s work began in July of 1990 with a single grant and the desire to bring training and educational resources from the University of Washington to the public health practice community.

NWCPHP’s work began in July of 1990 with a single grant and the desire to bring training to the public health practice community from the University of Washington. Since then we have grown in our funding sources and services, but what hasn’t changed is our dedication to connecting academia and the public health practice community.

The Beginning

In 1989, two important School of Public Health faculty meetings discussed current public health practice and the importance of linking academic studies and skills with the needs of practitioners.

The School then decided to hold an open-invitation discussion about education and training needs for public health practice—92 people showed up. It was a testament to the clear interest from both practice and the School. One year and 25 days later, NWCPHP was founded.

Opening Our Doors

Our first Director was Mark Oberle, MD, MPH a faculty member in the Departments of Epidemiology and Health Services. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) gave us our first grant, allowing us to create a practice-oriented, continuing education program for public health professionals.

A survey went out to members of the practicing community almost immediately to determine what type of training would be the most beneficial. Their responses led to the establishment of a NWCPHP flagship program, the annual Summer Institute for Public Health Practice. The first one was held in August of 1991.

How We’ve Grown

Since then, NWCPHP has grown considerably. We now offer a broader array of services to support the public health practice community in the areas of training, research, evaluation, and communications.

From training to technical assistance and research, we constantly seek to help public health practitioners do their jobs better, easier, and with the latest information at their fingertips.

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