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Survey Design

Competency 8: Design and implement surveys and questionnaires

  1. Develop questionnaires
    1. Design and implement a questionnaire (Who should conduct it? What questions should be asked? What should the format be?)
    2. Develop a measurement instrument that maximizes validity and reproducibility
    3. Choose appropriate items to be included in a questionnaire
    4. Compare and contrast different types of survey questions (e.g., open vs. closed ended questions)
    5. List and define options for content of questions (e.g., knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, attributes)
    6. Properly word survey questions for clarity and lack of bias
    7. Properly format and order individual questions
    8. Properly ask questions about items of interest that vary over time
    9. Choose an appropriate length of a survey, and describe how to consider other aspects of respondent burden
    10. Design questionnaire forms that decrease the likelihood of measurement error