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Patient Centered Outcomes Research Partnership


The Patient Centered Outcomes Research Partnership (PCORP) is a training program to prepare scientists and clinicians for conducting research on patient-centered outcomes and the comparative effectiveness of medical treatments.

The curriculum design is driven by community partners and combines online and in-person training. The program includes a focus on community-based health care and reducing health disparities among American Indians, Alaska Natives, and rural populations.


Participants have the opportunity to learn through in-person lectures, webinars and other distance-based activities, small groups, and one-on-one mentoring.

Intended Audience

The program is for scientists and clinicians from participating organizations.

Core Skills

The program focuses on areas that will enable scholars to:

  • Build knowledge and skills in patient-centered outcomes research and comparative effectiveness research
  • Partner with stakeholders to identify important evidence gaps in clinical care
  • Design and conduct high-quality studies to address evidence gaps
  • Disseminate and implement research findings
  • Evaluate and encourage the adoption of evidence in clinical practice and policy


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