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Toolkits & Guides

Collaborative Drug Therapy Agreement for Influenza Antivirals in Washington State
This toolkit is for use by local health officers and by individual authorized prescribers to allow pharmacists to prescribe antiviral medications in case of an influenza outbreak.
Preparing for and Responding to Bioterrorism: Information for Primary Care Clinicians
This guide provides a basic understanding of bioterrorism preparedness and response and how the clinician fits into the overall process.
Preparing for and Responding to Bioterrorism: Information for the Public Health Workforce
This guide emphasizes the application of skills and knowledge to the public health worker's role in preparedness and response.
Effective Presentations: A Toolkit for Engaging Audiences
This toolkit outlines the principles of quality presentations and slide design.
Effective Adult Learning: A Toolkit for Teaching Adults
NWCPHP collaborated with the Network for Public Health Law to create a toolkit that outlines the principles of adult education for those who lead trainings.
Public Health Law Training Database
NWCPHP collaborated with the Network for Public Health Law to create a national training database of public health law trainings.
Partnering for Medical Countermeasure Distribution in Emergencies
This toolkit helps you work with key stakeholders to develop a system for the distribution of medical countermeasures (such as antibiotics, antivirals, vaccines, and supplies) during public health emergencies involving public health agencies, hospitals, long term care facilities, and pharmacies.
Creating Dynamic Presentations Video Series
These short videos will give you pointers on ways to effectively design a slide presentation that will help you deliver your message.
Introduction to Creating Dynamic Presentations
This video explains the purpose of slides in a presentation. It also gives you pointers on easy ways to hone your message and improve your presentation.
Slide Design Part 1
This video provides tips for creating a well-designed slide deck and explains why good design is important to help you effectively and memorably convey your points to the audience.
Slide Design Part 2
This video examines slide design elements such as text and image placement, fonts, and color.
Presenting Data
This video shows you how to display your data so your audience can quickly discern your main point.
Using Images in Your Presentations
This video suggests some sources of free or inexpensive images and explains NWCPHP's policy on photo usage in webinars.
Hot Topics for Presenters
This video explains the presentation and slide support provided by the Hot Topics team for presenters in our webinar series.
Legal Aspects of Children's Health Services Resource Guide
This guide provides information about laws and services related to children and adolescents.
Effective Evaluation: A Toolkit for Evaluating Presentations and Trainings
A toolkit that outlines the principles of effective evaluation for presentations and trainings
Texting for Public Health Toolkit
This online toolkit will show you you can use text messaging to send customized public health messages on a large scale.
Effective Presentations Toolkit
Effective Conferences: A Toolkit for Planning an Event
This toolkit provides practical tools to help event organizers develop, implement, and evaluate their conferences.
Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center Training Catalog
NWCPHP has compiled online training products from the Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Centers into a searchable catalog.
Reducing Stress: A Toolkit for 9-1-1 Call Center Managers
In this training, 9-1-1 call center managers will learn practical tools and techniques for reducing employee stress and promoting mental and physical wellness at work.