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Mar 04

National Public Health Leadership Network Conference Held in April 2014

By Luann D'Ambrosio
“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” John F. Kennedy Effective public health leadership directly improves the public’s health. This April 2014, several hundred ...

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Jan 31

Six Books That Tackle Daunting Leadership Challenges

By Trish Neiworth
A new year can be a time when leaders resolve to deal with some of the most daunting challenges that face their organizations. Those who lead public health efforts know that motivation and desire ...

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Dec 30

Leadership 2013: A year of change, turbulence, and challenges

By Bud Nicola
As a nation, we’ve had a turbulent year. Signs of economic recovery started to show in private and public sector revenues, but agency and government budgets were still affected by the major losses ...

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Nov 20

Six Leadership Strategies for Coping with Pressure

By Trish Neiworth
From dealing with organizational complexities to meeting expectations of high performance and lightning-speed change, today’s leader must deal with pressure on a daily basis. Public health leaders ...

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Oct 16

The Courage to Be an Authentic Leader: You Will Be a Leader Unlike Any Other

By Susan Allan
Becoming a leader—or learning to think of yourself as a leader—involves both outward-directed and inward-directed learning and reflection. NWCPHP’s leadership programs and public health systems ...

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